Training & Development

In accordance to the Egyptian industry high demand for trained and stable labor force, EPEMA Training Center aims to qualify and prepare skilled labor while developing future training basis serving the plastics industry. The center offers training courses in major specializations of the plastic industry, industrial English language, and computer education. This is in addition to OHS awareness and interpersonal skills.

Project Objectives

  • Providing skilled and plastic specialized labor force
  • Securing new job opportunities for trainees
  • Contribution with the government to reduce the cost of providing new job opportunities
  • Maximizing the role of non governmental organizations and civil work.

Expected Benefits

  • Providing skilled labor in accordance to labor market requirement
  • Provide around 600 new job opportunities throughout the first year reaching 1200 by the second year
  • Technology transfer through cooperation with international specialized training institutes.

Target Segments

Students and graduates from the faculties of engineering, industrial and technical institutes and schools.

Educational & Training Programs

One semester certificate program mainly designed for participants who have little or no experience in the plastics industry.

The program is approximately 30% theoretical and 70% practical. All participants learn about basic properties of plastic materials, general overview of the processing factors that affect the end product, machine operation, setting up the machine, safe practices, installation of moulds, and associated ancillary equipment, basic process and troubleshooting the process.

1- Offered Certificate: Basic Industrial Practice Certificate

2- Courses Time-Frame: 2 to 3 months depending on the final course structure

3- Covered Theoretical Subjects:

Refreshing course covering the following:

Complementary highly recommended subjects:
Industrial English
Basic Computer Skills
Basic Occupational Health & Safety
Interpersonal Skills

4- Practical and Applied Course:

A condensed training in the following main specializations:
Injection moulding
Blow moulding
Woven bags

5- Other Programs:

Follow up program for the center graduates with continuous evaluation and workshops with new updates for their specialties.

Suggested Tuition

L.E. 300 per trainee or benefited factories sponsorship.

Evaluation System

EPEMA Training Center offers assessment tools that test the trainees’ level of knowledge of different industrial functions on three phases:

  1. Before the course
  2. After the course
  3. After work

Upon completion of the individual assessments, EPEMA staff prepares a summary report that provides a detailed breakdown of the strengths and weaknesses of those who have been assessed. This report will give recommendations for further training or consulting that will help achieve training goals and/or productivity objectives.

Future Projection

Phase 1: Training Center
Phase 2: Training Institute
Phase 3: Higher Training Institute
Phase 4: Plastic Academy