Our Agenda

I. Export Development and International Marketing Activities

A. World Class Exhibitions Organization

  1. Theme Based Exhibitions in Egypt
    • EgyPlast, The Egyptian Exhibition for Plastic Exporters & Manufacturers, specialized for Egyptian plastic products export promotion.
  2. International Exhibitions (Click here)

B. Exports Promotion Activities

  • Focus on export of finished goods through EgyPlast.
  • Brand a film on plastics industry of Egypt for export promotion and positioning Egypt as preferred sourcing base for plastics products for the target markets.
  • Cooperation with Export Development Center.

C. Participation in International Exhibitions

China Plast - K Show - IPF Japan - Plastex Ukraine- Plastivision India - BrasilPlast - Plastic Expo Tunis

D. Trade Missions Targeting Potential Markets

Senegal - Kenya - Libya - Mozambique - Ethiopia

E. Egyptian Plastic Industry Ideal Export Model

F. Open representative offices in potential markets

G. Applying E-commerce

II. Training Activities

A. EPEMA Plastic Training Center

Establishing a specialized plastic training center covering the main processes of the plastic industry to qualify new labour force, and offer new job opportunities for the trainees through members' production facilities. The proposal has been prepared and presented to stakeholders.

B. Cooperation with Plastic Technology Center (PTC)

III. Community Service and Public Awareness Activities

A. Educate Society on Benefits of Plastics

Advertisement campaign is to be released in leading newspapers in association with EPEMA members to educate public & government departments about plastics and its vital role in life.

B. Environment & Recycling Oriented Activities

  • Education programs on plastics and environment

C. School to Work Training Program

IV. Industry Development and Technology Transfer Activities

A. Policy Frame Work to increase production of plastics

Proactive coordination between EPEMA and Ministry of Petroleum & Energy for finalization of National Policy on Petrochemicals

B. Cooperation with International Plastic Bodies

  • International cooperation with ASSOCOMAPLAST (Italy), SPI (USA), VDMA (Germany), Adsale Marketing (China)
  • Sharing best practices with CIPAD members

C. EPEMA Awards

EPEMA Awards with objective of encouraging the growth of plastics industry through stimulation and recognition of quality products, processes & distinctive performance in the field of plastics.

D. Environmental Related Programs

  • National Plastic Recycling Project.
  • Waste Management Cost Effective Project

E. Occupational Health & Safety Programs

Advancing the Medical Protection to Minimize the Occupational Health Hazards related to Plastic Industry Program.